Capturing Life.
Who Am I? Putting aside the existential question, I'm a photographer and I love people. Its just that simple. This is what epitomizes my work and explains me as an artist. My photography is all about capturing the real you. That intimate moment, a stolen glance, a flash of insecurity, joy, love or pain. We all have who we think we are, and who we really are. I love photography because it doesn't lie. My photography captures the raw essence of who my subject is - an honest appraisal of us as humans. Most of the time I just get lucky and capture something great. We don't move through life isolated we are affected and affect others. I feel an immediate bond with my customers. I immediately wonder who they are, what has shaped them as a person - in essence what is their story? I feel privileged that I have the opportunity to tell their story, if but for a brief moment. I have been behind a camera since I was old enough to heft one, and it is an extension of fits. I hope you get as much joy out viewing my art as I take in creating it. It's pronounced "Jada". Yeira Zink

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